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Sunday 3 May 2009

Steve Kordek: More Pics

Yesterday I posted up the Pinball Heroes interview with Steve Kordek and it seems most people enjoyed it. Jim Schelberg, who kindly interviewed Mr Kordek by telephone for me has also sent me a load of extra pictures. Some I've added to the original article, but as it was already pretty picture-rich, there's some more pics here for you...
Steve Kordek chairs a meeting of the Century Club
Steve Kordek with Space Station drawings
Steve Kordek with Harriet
Wayne Neyens, Steve Kordek, Alvin Gottlieb, Norm Clark
Pinball Records
Norm Clark

Thanks again to Jim Schelberg for his help with the interview and for the extra pics. I sure hope he's got his photo archive backed-up as there's some amazing stuff!


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